teaser_teamThe Didier Law Firm, located in Orlando, Florida, specializes in litigating product liability cases and aggressively advocating for clients to obtain the best possible results. We specialize in representing consumers against manufacturers in a broad range of automotive defect cases. This emphasis includes claims relating to unsafe airbags, tire failures, seatback and seatbelt failures, and rollover stability cases. The firm also handles a multitude of cases relating to defective designs of industrial products and heavy equipment.

Every year thousands of new products enter the market. The Didier Law Firm is there to advocate on behalf of clients who are catastrophically injured or die as a result of defective products.

Who we are is defined by the service we provide to clients who trust us to represent them.

To ensure that our clients receive the best representation possible, the firm employs every tool available to obtain high quality results. We retain nationally recognized experts in their respective fields to evaluate, pursue and present testimony at trial on defect related issues.

We maintain relationships throughout the nation with other product safety attorneys and advocacy groups to ensure access to valuable information and knowledge that can assist our clients in their pursuit of justice. We utilize state of the art technology to organize data, to evaluate technical information, and to present evidence to juries.

Lastly, we work tirelessly to apply our knowledge and experience to ensure that each case is pursued in the most efficient and effective way possible to win.

At the end of the day, who we are is defined by the service we provide to clients who trust us to represent them, and the work we do as product safety attorneys to bring about justice for consumers injured or wrongfully killed by unsafe products.

Didier Law Firm – Areas of Expertise

Product Safety Litigation
Product Safety Litigation

When key safety features or systems in a vehicle fail to perform as intended, a product defect just may be the cause.

  • Airbags

  • Rollovers

  • Seatback Failures

  • Tire Failures

Trucking and Roadway Safety
Trucking and Roadway Safety

Dangerous conditions on the road, or trucking companies breaking the rules to maximize profit, can lead to devastating accidents.

  • Trucking Accidents

  • Roadway Defects

  • Construction Zone Accidents

  • Guardrail Cases

Complex Catastrophic Injury Litigation
Complex Catastrophic Injury Litigation

To effectively litigate large injury claims, the physiology and long-term effects of the injury must be fully understood by the law firm.

  • Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

  • Medical Negligence

  • Nursing Home Negligence

The Didier Law Firm Team

Henry “Hank” Didier

Founding Partner

Henry “Hank” Didier, Jr. is a consumer safety advocate who is happy about the fact that there are now fewer auto defect cases because of what he and his colleagues have been able to accomplish through product liability litigation. Founder of the Didier Law Firm, P.A., he has a long history of representing clients and…

Allison Didier

Director of Communications

Allison Didier graduated with Honors from Florida State University with a degree in Business Communication and a minor in English in 1993. She earned her “APR” accreditation in public relations in 2000. Allison has more than twenty years of experience in public relations and communications for local and national clients. In her current role as…

Mitchell Chubb


Mitchell graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Business Management. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Barry University School of Law and was ranked 5th out of 189 students in his graduating class. Chubb is an active member of the Florida Bar, Young Lawyers Division, and the Seminole County Young Lawyers…

Carrie Chambers

Legal Assistant

Carrie Chambers joined the Didier Law Firm in 2008 as Legal Assistant. Prior to joining the firm, Carrie worked as Legal Assistant and Legal Secretary for the firms of Carlton Fields, P.A., and Stump, Callahan, Dietrich & Spears, P.A. She resides in Orlando, Florida and is proud mother to two teenage sons.