SUV rollover accidents are among the most tragic types of vehicle accidents, killing 10,000 and injuring nearly 30,000 people each year. Although not as common as other accidents, SUV rollovers result in a disproportionate number of serious injuries and deaths annually. Considering the popularity of the SUV as a family vehicle, it is all the more critical that manufacturers do everything possible to prevent rollovers and related injuries.

Rollover accidents occur most often in SUVs, minivans and light trucks due to their higher center of gravity than traditional automobiles. However, through the incorporation of reasonable design alternatives that increase stability and prevent occupant injuries in the event a rollover occurs, many of the serious injuries and deaths that occur each year can be prevented.

We understand that when a rollover accident occurs, there are multiple potential legal claims and theories that need to be explored.

At the Didier Law Firm, we understand that when a rollover accident occurs, there are multiple potential legal claims and theories that need to be explored. Rollover cases are fact-specific, and it is first necessary to understand the exact cause of rollover itself. The includes an evaluation of numerous potential contributing factors such as: whether or not the inherent instability of the vehicle due to its design played a role; whether a tire failure or tread separation occurred; whether safety systems like Electronic Stability Control (ESC) were incorporated into the vehicle; or, whether any environmental factors or roadway issues played a role. Next, it is critical to understand how the occupant was injured, and what potential vehicle defects may have contributed to the injuries or death. Lastly, it is necessary to work with qualified experts to determine if reasonable design alternative existed when the vehicle was made that, if used, could have prevented the injuries or fatality. In looking at alternative designs, often the design and performance of the vehicle’s roof structures, restraint systems, airbag systems, door frames and latches and vehicle padding are considered and examined.

Because of the complex nature of rollover cases, and the wide variety of defect issues that must be examined, it is vitally important when a vehicle rollover accident occurs that proper steps are taken to preserve evidence that may be helpful in determining if the vehicle’s design was a contributing cause of the accident itself or resulting injuries. This includes preserving the vehicle, obtaining quality photographs of the scene and collecting any available evidence, and interviewing witnesses and law enforcement as soon as possible. Later, when considered by experts, this evidence can prove invaluable in establishing a case and refuting the all too common defense claim that the sole cause of the accident was driver error.

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Complex and multi-faceted cases are our specialty. The Didier Law Firm has extensive litigation experience in litigating rollover accidents involving stability theories, roof crush allegations, occupant protection issues, restraint system and seatback failures, and other related claims. As rollover lawyers we are here to help you evaluate and pursue claims stemming from rollover accidents. If you have questions about a rollover claim, contact us so that we may help.

Seatback Failures

Often the ability of an occupant to walk away from a serious rear-end accident depends on how well that occupant’s and seatback performed in the crash.

If the seatback fails in a rear-end accident it not only exposes the person in that seat to injury, but can lead to significant injuries for the persons or children seated in the rear.

While there is significant debate within the automotive industry about the best design for seatbacks to prevent injuries, there is consensus that seatbacks should not fail uncontrollably rearward.

The role of seat backs

Consumers are constantly reminded of the importance of wearing seatbelts to prevent injuries in frontal accident. However, in a rear-end accident it is the seatback that is critical to prevent injuries. Therefore, it is critical that the seatback be designed with sufficient structural integrity to keep occupants safely in place. If poor design choices are made, or safer alternative designs ignored, significant injuries can result.

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