Children are our most precious cargo, and as consumers we rely upon manufacturers of child seats, boosters and the like to provide our kids protection when it is needed. Unfortunately, not all child restraints are created equal. In fact, often those responsible for designing child restraints lack the experience and qualifications to adequately take into consideration the multitude of factors that play into making a seat perform adequately in foreseeable crashes.

Another major concern with child seats are their compatibility with the variety of cars, vans and trucks they are used with. If the child seat does not comply with standards mandated to ensure compatibility, then the ability of the seat to provide protection can be compromised with devastating consequences.

As Child Seat Defect attorneys we can help
If you suspect child seat defect to be the cause of a serious injury or death, contact us for a free evaluation of your case. As child seat lawyers we have extensive experience in litigating children injuries involving child seat defects, and stand ready to bring our knowledge and expertise to bear for consumers injured by child restraint systems.

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