Wrongful death cases are especially heart-wrenching because they force loved ones to deal with not only a tragic loss but also the pursuit of justice if the death was a result of the negligence of others. Cases involving the loss of a loved one must address not only the emotional impact but also the financial impact felt both now and in the future. For this, it is especially important to select a firm with the skills necessary to understand, predict and convey the full extent of the losses.

Most states have wrongful death statutes that define who may properly bring the suit, whom the proper beneficiaries are of any claims made, and what damages are appropriate based upon the specific facts of the case. Oftentimes cases will involve large corporations or manufacturers, insurance companies and other individuals. Of these, some or all could ultimately be found that have some level of responsibility.

The burden of proof is also makes a wrongful death case unique. Because of the death involved, the victim cannot provide testimony to what occurred and cannot defend his or her actions if it is called into question. At the Didier Law firm, we use our experience in these matters to investigate and definitively establish fault.

With regard to the economic loss, we understand that a case involving the loss of a retired person with little anticipated future income will be handled differently than the loss of a child, or loss of a parent. Any case involving a wage-earner or parent presents significant losses of support and services that need to be considered and pursued, as well as devastating emotional consequences that will last a lifetime.

At the Didier Law firm, we use not only our experience, but our relationships with some of the finest accident reconstructionists, economists, doctors others to fully measure and convey the loss. We would be honored to represent your loved one and family.

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