Any injury that affects your ability to work, spend time with or support your family, or engage in activities you used to is considered a severe injury. This type of injury also generally includes permanent scarring or disfigurement, and needs to be handled by an experienced attorney who understands the dynamics of such losses. A skilled law firm will be able to present your case to a jury so they can fully understand and appreciate the magnitude of all the losses sustained.

At the Didier Law Firm, we have handled cases involving amputations, blindness, devastating scars from thermal injuries or fire, degloving injuries, loss of bowel and bladder function, internal injuries with permanent organ damage or loss, hearing loss, facial disfigurement, injury-induced impotence and sexual dysfunctions, fibromyalgia, reflex sympathetic disorder (RSD), and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Additionally, a wide range of psychological disorders can naturally arise in severe injury cases including depression, suicidal tendencies and general dissociative issues which cause victims to withdraw from their family, friends and support networks which are critically important to their recovery.

Sadly, the trauma doesn’t end with the event, but rather continues on as the victim figures out how to pay bills and other medical and family expenses while dealing with the physical and emotional toll. Not only is it critically important to seek the right medical and rehabilitative help quickly, but it is also important to have the right legal counsel at work as soon as possible.

Simply put, when a person is severely injured by a defective product or in an auto or trucking accident, understanding and being able to convey to a jury the true nature of all the losses is critically important. Because we specialize in severe cases including traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, we know how to interact and work with physicians who specialize in treating these types of injuries. We understand the diagnostic tools used to properly diagnose and prove that these injuries have actually occurred. We work with skilled vocational rehabilitation specialists and economists to determine what future needs will be required and what it will cost before we would ever walk into a courtroom.

The Didier Law Firm has extensive litigation experience in cases involving severe bodily injury. As catastrophic injury lawyers we have extensive experience in litigating the myriad of issues that can arise in a complex accident case, and stand ready to bring our knowledge and expertise to bear for consumers.

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