Accidents on American roadways are an everyday occurrence, but with every passing year the safety systems in vehicles improve increasing the likelihood that serious injuries can be avoided. Central to the concept of occupant protection in accidents is the idea that vehicle occupants must be safely contained within the vehicle.

Once an occupant is allowed to exit the vehicle, the likelihood of sustaining a catastrophic or fatal injury skyrockets. Whether the occupant is ejected through a door that fails to remain closed, a window that shatters and fails to keep the occupant inside the vehicle, or by a structural failure that compromises the vehicles ability to keep the occupant in, the outcome is often the same.

Today new technologies, better designs and stronger materials are available to minimize the likelihood of occupant ejections in foreseeable crashes. However, often design decisions and material choices are made that fail to incorporate these safer alternatives.

As Occupant Ejection attorneys we can help
If you suspect occupant ejection to be the cause of a serious injury or death, contact us for a free evaluation of your case. As occupant ejection lawyers we have extensive experience in litigating car accidents involving occupant ejection, and stand ready to bring our knowledge and expertise to bear for consumers injured by an occupant ejection.

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